Medical Imaging Team

Medical Imaging Team Day in Canada

Click to download postersMedical Imaging Team Day is a day set aside to honour the work of the team of healthcare professionals who collaborate to improve the health of Canadians, ensuring that the appropriate diagnostic imaging tests are performed and interpreted expertly, with the highest standard of patient safety, comfort and care. It is also a time for the imaging team - physicians, physicists, sonographers and technologists – to assist Canadians to better understand how the quality of diagnosis and treatment of disease and injury is assured by the team’s cooperative approach to the complex practices, policies and protocols  behind each image.

Information resources

About appropriateness in imaging. Resources to assist healthcare professionals, decision makers and journalists to better understand the complex issues that are managed by the imaging team to ensure the highest degree of appropriateness. Find out more …


Information for patients and their families. Helpful information about what to expect when you or a family member are referred for a medical imaging procedure. Find out more …